tax law

Only two things in life are certain. Taxes are one of them. Knowing the best route to minimize tax liability and protect yourself and your business in an ever-changing bureaucracy of tax laws and regulations can be confusing and frustrating. Income taxes are just part of the equation. Taxes and regulations such as:

  • Employment Taxes and Withholding
  • Unemployment Insurance
  • Worker's Compensation Issues
  • State Taxes
  • Ad Valorem Business Personal Property Taxes
  • Sales and Use Taxes, and
  • Gift and Estate Taxes

All add to the mound of paperwork and regulation that must be dealt with. Whether it’s tax planning or representing people being pursued by the State or Federal taxing authorities, Joe’s background in both accounting and law provides him with the tools necessary to represent his clients thoroughly and effectively.

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We pride ourselves on our ability to know our clients and approach the practice of law as a profession.

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